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"As a female; you don't have to be the secretary or the backup dancer... You can actually own the company."-Ashley De La Mode

About Us

Our Story

Ashley De La Mode worked as an entertainment and beauty  journalist for over a decade. She worked at various radio stations; on air and participated in many behind the scenes projects.  She worked as a private PR for for a few clients. The one recurring favor she was always asked working behind the scenes was to help artists further their careers. Her experience within the industry gave her enough leverage to now start her own record label where she is able to create her rules and provide assistance as needed to many who are overlooked, underrated and abused in the music industry.  Ashley teamed up with Uncle Reo, who has also involved  Snoop Dogg to assist her with the label. 

"I want to do this properly, so I am going to seek help from the real professionals from this industry"-Ashley De La Mode. 

Finding Talent

De La Mode Records is looking for vibrant, interesting hard working artists. 

Music Goals

How about we teach you longevit rather than 15minutes of fame? 

Music goal: let's make history...


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London. Paris. NYC. Atlanta. Los Angeles. Ghana


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